Lead Uses and Its Compounds

Today, the main use of lead is in batteries and, most importantly, in car batteries. In spite of the decrease in previous cases, the production of lead-acid batteries will increase as the car's production grows. Due to the growth of the car market in China and India, demand for acid batteries has slightly increased.

In addition to car batteries, batteries are used in mobile phone centers, electric vehicles, electric pickups and emergency power supply for computers and hospitals.


The Most Important Uses of Lead Metal and Its Compounds are as Follows:

  1. Lead is added to gasoline in the form of tetraethyl lead for better combustion.
  2. Lead is used in ammunition and military industries.
  3. Because of high density of lead, it is used in the wall of atomic reactors and X-ray room and radiography as an absorbent of harmful rays.
  4. Lead metal is used in the bed of galvanizing baths.
  5. Lead, Tin and Zinc alloys in the solder industry, lead and tin alloys in the printing industry, lead and silver alloys for the preparation of the anodes used in the electrolysis unit of zinc industry and lead alloy, arsenic and antimony in various industries and finally lead alloy, Tin, copper, antimony and arsenic and cadmium are used in construction of bearings in the form of anticorrosive alloys.
  6. Lead oxides are used in paint and matchwood industries.

Lead is still used in some chemical compositions, for example, in wind and rain resistant buildings, to protect electricity and ammunition cables.