Creating unity is one of the most important achievements of this association. In the world, parallel people compete with each other, but in the association this competition has leaded to the friendship. In fact, the Association acts as a single unit in all fields ranging from supplying raw materials to production and sales.

The second achievement of this association is the registration of the country's lead and zinc co-op. By this means, almost the lead and zinc family of the country are gathered together to resolve the problems more strongly. This co-operative involves in many activities such as supplying raw materials from mine and extraction in order to help different units of lead and zinc.

The other achievement of this association is to supply raw materials from mines, timely, for all lead and zinc units, which has provided satisfaction to all.

Achievements of (I.L.Z.I.M.A)

Since the public sector is a little bit far from this domain, and this process is destructive, so the association tries to gather the industry thoughts interacting with performance and decisions of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in order to reduce the gap between them.

During this period, the members of the ministry have been familiarized with the affairs of this issue. By providing precise and accurate statistics that were less visible before, this is a great achievement for lead and zinc association.

Considering the holding of various conferences in foreign countries, the association has been active in these meetings in order to introduce IRAN LEAD & ZINC INDUSTRIES & MINES ASSOCIATION in a decent manner, see the different achievements of other countries in this regard, get acquainted with them and, if necessary, make use of this achievements in its operational process.

Apart from these activities, the association has been successful and had a good policy when facing upcoming challenges like Anguran mine auction and supplement of raw materials which may have been unique in its kind.

Conducting regular meetings with Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization is one of the important activity of the association.

In this regard, negotiations have been done and good results have been achieved with Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company  regarding apportionment for the whole units and regulating the distribution of industrial soil to the producer units, as well as monitoring the distribution, and this is a very important step.

The association is interested in expanding consumption, and one of its mission is to promote and identify zinc. Accordingly, the association will try to hold a seminar in order to identify the zinc consumers.